Dreams IV

The boys being too loud at dinner. Giving a house tour with the architect and FJ. Touching my cheek. The dogs behind the fence and the woman who can’t stop itching. The table made from railroad ties.

Fighting with AS. The fox being dragged under the car. The lions showing up and they won’t let me out of the car to help. Scaling the wall back to my room and pretending to be asleep. Someone throws a spider on me.

I’m sitting in traffic and a trailer full of different birds pulls up next to me. People are standing on a platform inside doing yoga. Sunlight filters through one of the girl’s hair, pineappled on top of her head. I get out to talk to them. Chickens, turkeys but also owls, hawks and one bald eagle. They’re going to be euthanized. I want to write about the girl, so I go back to my car for a pen. A man is stealing my purse and I chase him to a coffee shop where Demosthenians are speaking. He says I should be happy to be here.

Emily’s mother smoking and asking me to not mention the death of her father. Someone pushed Nanna down the stairs.

Mexican tacos at the food hall and Mae has returned.