The dream about my teeth falling out again, mouth filling with bone.

A dream about a color cult. Must figure out who belongs where.

The butterfly boy, skin unraveling at the touch.

Lynch mob. His wife’s hands frozen and broken off. Saved by Tom Hanks, Green-Mile-style. Darius Rucker had this one right.

Chemistry class with Huck. Standing up to the professor. Cousins, citadel, Adams Morgan. Invite to a dungeon.

Thrift store. AS and the house. Dogs fighting outside.

Shaving him. The shower with all the water.

Movie date night. Magic Mike (hahaha) in two different theaters. Walking home in the rain.

Dream in a dream: Jacob’s classes. Locking myself in a room. Long phone conversations.

Group poetry performance and I’m by myself. Whoops.

Hamlet with monsters.

Revolver. Man from the hospital. Self defense.

Meeting to study at the greenhouse. Nails peeling off. Elk over the hill. Telling Dad I wanted to buy the house.

New construction. Couldn’t get close enough/enough.

Jurassic Park at school. Couldn’t find any doors with deadbolts.

Birth of a dolphin. Clones. Freaked out.

Dr. Strange over a weir.

Crappy art show with O. Stealing a roller derby van.

Demosthenians. Antique screw. The lady taking up too many parking spots.

New York. Cold. Cat jumped in a whirlpool drain. Rude hotel lady. The room with the bass. Outside, sleeping rabbits and frogs. He didn’t say anything. Crying in the shower.

More dinosaurs.

Couchsurfing with Horatio. Class reunion and sitting alone. “Tell us the smell story.”

Basketball game. More kids at practice. Tiny animals on the porch.

Late night, Madre & I going to the play. The van spinning down the driveway.

Work team getting from A to B. Partially deaf.

Movie: hidden town full of animals. Have to avoid Stormtroopers. Run away to the mountains and disappear. Saving the squirrel from drowning.

Couldn’t find the right dress. Madre and I in a panic. The big convention center and waiting in line for biscuits.

Fighting foxes at the hotel in the trees. Bar night.

The old basketball team. Mother’s office. Talking Plato with Obama.

Tiny black snake that ate shoestrings. Bad movie dates.

Samuel walking a rope to me, swinging in the treehouse with all the cousins. Song lyric on the window.

Jurassic Park and trying to save the kitten.

Murder at the hotel, the leaves changing colors.

Getting ready to sell the house. MMB and the kids next door. Randall and Granny helping.

Homecoming with work folks. FJ leaving early. Silver dress with holes.

Fibonacci spirals.

Crouton board game. I can’t remember the rules, but it would’ve been a great party game.

The puppy through the fence, two white coyotes. Trying to break up a fight.

Surfing with the whale.

So. Many. Kittens. One like Wally. Kittens all lined up on shelves.

Wolf spiders in the bed.

AS and losing hot water in the shower. Moving out and everyone knew. Fighting with Nashville tourists.

O’s birthday and winning a knife. Attacked.

Italian island La-tea and swimming with polar bears/beluga whales.

Cabin flooding, trying to dry out everything.

Two houses by the lake. Little kid trying to kill his grandmother but she kills him instead. Chipped teeth and all the blood. The father scolding the other boys. Stranger Things kids stealing supplies from the school to survive.

High school and editing the paper.

Cooking for Sabrina. The TV guy from Modern Romance, making a sauce from the plate decorations.

Card games in the parking garage bar, K in the car.

Austin and manic pixie dream girl.

Renny eating the fox or the fox eating Renny. Spraying it/her down. Talking to IT about platforms.

AS and the great British bake off at the cooler version of the dekalb farmers market. Consumerism at its worst.

Segel and I ordering two for one’s.

Austin trying to choke me at the spa for having a tattoo. Breaking his glasses and everyone giving me a souvenir.

Getting paid/selling out.

Dogs running through the multi-story house. My birthday with Wildcat.

Seattle with D&M, trying to find the Subaru rental to get to Disneyland.

Work demo. Everyone left the room early.

The old house, all of the hummingbirds outside. Floorboards missing and the gator swimming underneath.

SeaWorld/zoo with high school folks. FJ waiting for me. The trainers deciding Tilikum has his last ride. Standing behind the wall of water that doesn’t move.

Elections at work, Crazy M trying to take over. Standing up for T.

O becoming the horse goddess, talking about eloping. Apologized for something she did in another dream. Trying to find a snuggle bear toy for the cousins.

Some funny video about a whale shark in Lake Michigan – the sloth of sharks. Zelda game dungeon.

Drinking gimlets at a fancy speakeasy called Cranberry, all dressed up after driving through snowy mountains. Some kind of girls trip. Literary people. Drew Barrymore nodding to me. Ordering drinks by solving math problems. Went outside and found Iron Fist Colleen struggling to get her horse home with some goats. Rode the horse back, talking about Medicaid open enrollment ending soon. I wanted to give her money. Her secret with the neighbor’s husband. She was so sad. Privilege.

Trying to find food with O in Los Angeles. Rude people, no tacos. Going up/down in the elevator.

At a foreign airport where Americans rebelled. Getting on the Olympic soccer B-team when I’ve never played. Too much gum in my mouth. Throwing up in the sink.

Class with Jake in the rain.

Driving back and forth to conference hotel. Melissa the Trickster. Austin with someone new. AS in the triathalon.

He packed up and left.


Art room flooding with teal paint. Screaming out the window for help. Buffet lunch after.

Escaping school on a 4-wheeler, trying to save the dogs from dinosaurs, again.

The story of the woman. Revenge. The glass house. Waves of black dress. They’ve stolen my name and my blood.

William Dafoe as O’s father. Horse racing, shopping with the brothers. The mini antique car that costs $50.

Athens Chef & padre in Nashville. Talking about the freshness of pasta

Madre & I fighting, leaving the house. Volleyball tryouts. Life based on a book – the kid on a leash, the runaway girl.

YP folks and hiking through a swamp. Poe worried about all the batteries. Grabbing in the kitchen.

Back to school – taking swim and book sorting.

Group movie night to watch Pennywise. The giant cat. A boy bringing me my phone. Milk punch.

Same dream about everyone trying to kill each other, but we’re on a beach and everyone is too dumb to pull it off.

Austin and S watching Valerian. The bulls fighting outside.

Robbery gone bad at the Lawrenceville house.

Three flat tires in a boat race.

Thunderstorm. Swimming across the lake at Rhodes Jordan.

Fancy DC restaurant but the service sucks. Hiding in the house/city from everyone.

Couldn’t find a dress for the date. Goodwill with Madre. Tequila shots with Aunt Chan, talking about books we never finished.

The giant concrete tub. Going to the witches to drain blood.

Too much gum in my mouth.

Cherry harvest on the mountaintop. Orca man assaulting me. Crying on the bus back to bowling. Kylo?

Moving Aunt Chan to Montana. Drinking water out of the fountains on every mailbox. Glow-in-the-dark people stickers on the ceiling.

Work trip to the jungle. Giant bat picking everyone up. Knocking over the leg workout machine.

Tour of the dorm. Unpacking while talking about Mulberry.

Cruise with O and P. A house on an island through the storm.

Mountain house. Austin yelling.

Trying to fit in. Focus with Ms. W. The house in Lawrenceville and going to a new food hall.

Highschool with O. Buchanan’s class and playing the goldfish game. Huck coming in bloody. The tiny triangle Polaroid camera.

Orcas, again. Cait and the harpoon and Renny all falling in.

Hotel reservation. Walking around San Diego. Young AS and the family. Duct taping a tire. He waited for me. Friendship bracelet.

Fish and college. Coach handing out drinks. Hollander was still alive.

School, talking about armoires with Coach. Supposed to be doing the announcements. Writing a love note for Madre.

Huckleberry in a fight, his underside peeled away.

Sharks fighting in the bay. The hoarding house. Looking at the night lights. A girl there.

Beach bar that’s constantly changing. Paying too much $$ for fishing and food. Austin and Jake and the sad blog. Arguing about intelligence and Olympians.

Staying at a shared house. Lady Gaga video. The woman with the black & orange tabby cats. Rocket with Jake and falling back. The three flying machines. Chicken pot pie in the freezer. Going for ice cream and him kissing the back of my neck.

Dream in a dream (or hallucination): the emergency drill and the two little kids waking me up laughing. Man with a gun coming through the door. Calling 911.

Touring new apartments with C&P. Arguing about the plants and weeds with Madre and Dad.

Recurring nightmare about zombie land. Dad and I going to see a therapist, getting poisoned. Molotov cocktail in the grocery store.

O getting married in a black dress. Split day and no invite.

Hospital video carts. Celebrating O.

Touring renovated Athens house. So many paint colors. The ceiling was so high. The neon collection and the pretty tile in the kitchen.

Reunion in a hall. Buying GA stuff at the flea market. Sean helping with the music, someone streaking. Austin sitting in the corner.

Basketball game, scoring on the wrong goal. Austin watching from the stands.

Abandoned at a school. Hank from Breaking Bad singing about his dead wife. Replanting the bouquet. The yellow bird’s eggs hatching and all the fluttering blue babies.

Helicopter. Catching minnows with Padre.

Baby hippo.

Jaguar in the backyard.

Sleeping on the water with Austin.

Indian man with all the little bugs coming up the walls.

Sneaking through the window to catch Madre/black cat

The construction site and the men fighting. Trying to catch the flight.

Work conference at a hotel full of escalators. G talking about my dating life over the phone.

In the city: two homeless boys I strap to my back. We go to the aquarium and market. Kissing the stone of the dead football player. Mom and Dad laughing. Bread heating in the oven. Is this a baby dream?

Hijacking the plane and stealing the 4×4. Driving through the river.

Camille in the city. The bar at the giant hostel.

Play about a girl falling in love with a pirate. I’m cast as her subconscious. Checking the text out at the library.

Work meetings, trying to return the rental car. Sleeping in the air cabin

Montana with Sunshine. Kissing him in the shower.

Neighborhood with radiation. The mother still living there with her daughters, yelling at the statue of herself.

AS coming home. Laser whip.
Soccer game.

Demosthenian reunion. Camille fixing my dress.

Breaking out of Russian safeguard facility. Stealing black rabbits. Spy thriller. Or I’m a spirit? Parachuting off the top of a cliff onto a boat. It’s a setup for the bad guys. Futuristic yacht. Puppies onboard.

Touring Whitaker Downs Airbnb. The house with the book club. Drone flying through the truck window and cutting my hand. Work sleepover and I didn’t have a pillow or blanket. Woken up. Wildcat and the cousins on Instagram. Trying to tie down the mattress.

G&K scandal. Work meetings and crying. Walking back. Ultimatums for boys.

Pecos and Wildcat in space. Basketball game with Berube. The halftime woman trying to interview me, but didn’t because I was there alone.

Trying to win a game/battle at a track we keep losing. Everyone starts picking up notes instead. It’s Austin proposing.

AirBnB host playing the xylophone.

Walking through the L’ville house. Remembering the room layouts.

Stalking the GSK at work.

Reality peels back. A girl-spy going home. Work partnership and trying to buy GA goodies for the team. The boy asking how much I drink.

“Ryan Gosling is the reason Bill Murray made Super Troopers.”

On a trip with O, staying at Nanna’s new house

Huckleberry boarding, staying at a hotel and trying to pick him up in the middle of the night. They said the other dogs attacked him.

Upset, but getting pulled onstage at the comedy show. Making the audience laugh. Yellow dress, red underwear. Being carried afterward to find Austin. He was watching the whole time.

Madre and black cats in the attic. Cleaning out the garage/basement. All of the water draining away.

Wedding in white cotton. Huckleberry surprise. Ferris wheel.

Royal wedding.

Teaching 4th graders. Meeting up with Grace and friends downtown. Confronting him in the bathroom.

Festival in Costa Rica, but I’d forgotten to buy a ticket. Sat at the bar listening to a debate about colors and the foundations of life.

Kids making belts in the auditorium for the revolution.